Carry Along Motor Robe - Charcoal Stewart

Charcoal Stewart

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Pendleton Carry Along Motor Robes - Charcoal Stewart

Our Pendleton Motor Robes were originally called steamer rugs during the early 20th Century, as they were used on the trains in the PNW. These blankets were a warm, welcome companion for those who traveled by horse drawn carriage, train or boat.  

This plaid is called Charcoal Stewart. Our Motor Robes are perfect for warm summer picnics, stowing in the car for unexpected adventures or just curling up with at home. Each Motor Robe comes with a convenient carrier, with a handle and a shoulder strap.

100% wool. Dry clean. Made in the USA. 52" x 66" with 3." self fringe. (132 x 168 cm + 9 cm)

132cm x 168cm plus 9cm fringe.