Baby Blanket - Shared Paths

Shared Paths

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Pendleton Muchacho Blanket - Shared Paths

Our Pendleton muchacho blankets are made especially for babies. They're our softest and cuddliest wool, which makes them perfect for your child. These are a favourite for gifting, and can also be used on a sofa or a bed.

Shared Paths

The Navajo word for animals, Naaldlooshii, translates as “the ones who trot people.” From Deer to Dove, all Earth’s animals move together on Earth’s shared paths in hózhó, the Navajo state of balance and order.

Napped. Felt bound. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. 

Dry clean. Made in the USA. 32" x 44" (81 x 112 cm)

81cm x 112cm