Jacquard Blanket - PS02 Navajo (Diné) 1870


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Pendleton PS02 Navajo (Diné) 1870 

These weavings are referred to as child’s blankets because of their small size, complex patterning, and tight weave. This blanket is a wonderful example of the late Classic Period, and incorporates Spider Woman crosses in the design. The variation in the red color comes from red trade cloth that weavers unraveled and respun. Other colors are handspun gray and white wool and vegetal-and- indigo-dyed yarns. Based on an original weaving in The Durango Collection® (DC-NC-51), Center of Southwest Studies Collection #2000.03007

Preservation Series

These designs are inspired by historic weavings from across the Americas. Pendleton designers work with museum curators and private collectors to select noteworthy work, establish provenance, and attribute historical textiles to the original weavers when possible. The descriptions below are from curator notes and refer to the original weavings. Each blanket generates a donation to Native American arts, education and health

82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. Unnapped. Felt bound.

Dry clean. Made in the USA. 64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm)


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