The Story of Falcon Cove: Pendleton goes to the Oregon Coast

Falcon Cove Blanket

One of Pendleton’s jacquards for Spring 2018 is Falcon Cove. The full pattern shows best in the Falcon Cove blanket, woven in natural hues of sand, grasses and seaside bluffs. These shapes and colours represent the harmony of a beautiful stretch of coastline where thousands of birds nest each year.

Falcon Cove Blanket - Falcon Cove Towel

This hidden cove on Oregon’s coastline is home to Magic Rocks Beach, where ocean-tumbled stones make a rumbling music when washed by the tides. So wherever you wander this year, take a little stretch of the Oregon coast along with you with the Falcon Cove blanket or the Falcon Cove towel

Falcon Cove Blanket, Jacquard Blankets

Photos: Cassy Berry for Pendleton, Pendleton Woolen Mills