Spring/Summer Blankets: Pendleton goes to Point Reyes

This Spring, we have two new wool blankets that honour two beautiful coastal spots; Falcon Cove and Point Reyes.

Point Reyes - Pendleton Blanket

The first inhabitants of California’s Point Reyes were the peaceful Coast Miwok, who lived in harmony with the seasons through gathering, fishing and hunting. Spring brought roots, bulbs, nettles, clover and lettuce, and beaches full of kelp. In summer, grasses and flowers surrendered their ripe seeds. Fall brought nuts, buckeye, bay and hazel. Trapping and arrow hunting brought in forest birds, rabbits and deer. Dip net fishing and shellfish harvest provided food year round. The Coast Miwok also used Nature’s gifts as builders and artisans. They fashioned highly sought-after trade beads from empty shells, and elaborate crown-style headdresses made from flicker, the long, narrow flight feathers of a birdwing.


Point Reyes - Pendleton Blanket - Towel for Two


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