Modern Icons Blanket - Sonora

Modern Icons Blanket - Sonora


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Modern Icons Blanket - Sonora

These 64 x 72" napped blankets feature bold elements from traditional Pendleton patterns in pared-down color palettes. The result is subtle and sophisticated, modern icons at home in any setting.  

The Sonoran Desert is the largest and hottest desert in North America, with plant life adapted to the harshness of the climate. Peaks and hooks represent these botanical wonders. The long-armed Saguaro cactus stretches its arms to the desert sky, along with Sonora’s other spiny, spiky cacti: organ pipe, cholla, prickly pear, fish hook and more. Whipstitch binding

Napped.82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. Dry clean.

Made in the USA. 64" x 72" (163 x 183 cm).

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