Jacquard Blanket - Warriors Circle Of Honour

Warriors Circle Of Honour

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Warriors Circle Of Honour

The National Native American Veterans Memorial, at Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, commemorates the service and sacrifice of Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Veterans—past, current, and future. Designed by Oklahoma Artist Harvey Pratt (Cheyenne & Arapaho), the memorial is a place of honor, recognition, reflection and healing for all Native veterans and their families. In Mr. Pratt’s “Warriors’ Circle of Honor” blanket design (based on the memorial), the Sacred Fire burns at the center of bands of color representing Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. A border of stars and stripes has openings to allow spirits to enter. Four hands wearing feathers of bravery and triumph mark the cardinal directions. Oval shapes echo the museum’s Grandfather Rocks. 

82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton. napped. Felt bound.

Dry clean. Made in the USA. 64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm)


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