Baby Blanket - Moon Dance

Morning Cradleboard

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Tuck them in and tell a story with a soft wool baby blanket made in America. This colourful design is inspired by the woven straps of a traditional Native American cradleboard. As the cradleboard protects a baby, this blanket surrounds little ones with warmth and safety. 

Moon Dance

The Menominee tell a tale of Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Brother Sun set out on a long hunt and did not return, causing Sister Moon to worry. She searched far and wide for her brother, waxing and waning for twenty days until she, too, disappeared. But Sister Moon always returns. Her search is portrayed by a cloud-obscured moon dancing gently over water.

• 32" x 44"
• Napped; fabric is combed for a softer, thicker feel
• Felt binding
• Pure virgin wool/cotton
• Fabric woven in our American mills
• Dry clean
• Made in USA