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Thunderbird Mountain

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Pendleton Blanket - Thunderbird Mountain

These Pendleton blankets are robe size, which is the size preferred by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes and wrapping about oneself as a robe. These blankets fit perfectly over a double bed, can be used for wall hangings or just for cuddling up on the sofa.

Thunderbird Mountain

The Menominee of Northern Wisconsin tell of a mountain that floats in the western sky, home of Thunderbirds, messengers and controllers of storms that can save crops, or ruin them. Their valor holds back the Misikinubik, giant horned snakes that might overrun the earth if not for the Thunderbirds.

Unnapped, whipstitch binding. 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton.

Dry clean. Made in the USA. 64" x 80" (163 x 203 cm).

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