Sebago Deer X Pendleton - Cognac

Sebago Deer X Pendleton - Cognac

Pendleton x Sebago

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Made to enjoy the open air when autumn takes over from the comforts of the summer warmth, these resistant ankle-high lace-up mocs are made of suede and hand-sewn with the nest craftsmanship. Built with tubular construction, they feature inner leather lining, riveted D-ring lacing system, round hiking boot laces with reinforced interior, gum commando soles for maximum traction and grip.

A beloved animal in the collective imagination, the Deer stands out for the beauty and courage by which it weathers the wild outdoors. An able mountaineer, it can live in a range of habitats, from mountainous areas to warm and wet rainforests.

Each shoe is unique - Colours may vary to image